Lambda Alliance Mixer with College Republicans Goes Pretty Well, Considering

Last Friday, the college’s young, hip, Reagan-lovin’ conservatives and the campus’s LGBTQABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP organization put their opposing political opinions aside to party, meet new people, and get (cis-gendered, upper-middle class, straight) white girl wasted. Much to everyone’s surprise, attendees of the party said it went way better than expected.

The mixer kicked off at 10 P.M. in the basement of Blow Memorial Hall, which Lambda decorated with lots of streamers and glitter. The upperclassmen Repubs brought BYOB top shelf liquor and planned for some of their alcohol to trickle down to younger members. Lambda made fabulous fruit double shot Tequila rainbow drinks that would be given out to everyone equally.

At first, interactions were a little awkward because of the whole one group systematically oppressing the other group thing. However, things got better when people had a few drinks in their system and a Queen song came on that everyone sang along to. They even started to realize that they had a lot in common. The gay men and male Republicans both admired men in uniform. The lesbians and republican women both could appreciate Sarah Palin. One college republican even offered to take a Lambda member back to his room to show him his collection of vintage campaign buttons.

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